UPDATE: Coronavirus response

Hi lovely people

‘Building resilience’ was my new year intention for 2020 – I have to say this is not quite what I had in mind!

It is with a heavy heart to advise that my ‘hands-on’ massage clinic will be hibernating until such a time that this Coronavirus outbreak has passed.

But my business remains open – I can provide support and advice about health and wellbeing, so should you have any aches or pains that we would normally deal with through a massage, do contact me. I am also acutely aware that this is a worrying and isolating time, so I am very happy to just have a chat. Watch this space, I will be sharing some tips over the coming weeks for maintaining our physical and mental wellbeing.

Vouchers are still available to purchase for Mother’s Day, birthdays etc, all with expiry dates until the end of 2020 (or beyond if necessary).  I know many of you will be financially constrained during this time and I will be considering how I can offer massage therapy at an affordable rate for those people, once we’re the other side of this outbreak.

I wish you, your families and friends good health. Know that this will pass, and I hope that we may find inner resilience to guide us through this tough time.