Which treatment is right for me?

  • Specific pain or injury, chronic condition…Therapeutic massage
  • Intense relaxation, pampering… Hot Stone Massage
  • Gentle relaxation, stress,  chronic illness…Relaxation massage
  • Pregnant or new mums…Pregnancy massage
  • Short of time, stressed, limited mobility…Indian Head Massage

P.S. (a little secret is that I mix this all up and create a recipe specific to you each time, but we have to start somewhere!)

Therapeutic massage 60/90 mins
Advanced clinical massage can help to relieve chronic & acute conditions including low back pain, neck & shoulder pain, jaw pain (TMJ) and headaches, hip, leg & knee pain, and repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel and plantar faciitis. Also suitable for those suffering from global illness such as fibromyalgia, arthritis and IBS where a gentle approach is needed, using indirect myofascial release work. Incorporating trigger point therapy, myofascial release, hot & cold stone therapy, stretching & homecare advice.

A course of six regular 60-minute treatments over 3 to 12 weeks is recommended to see noticeable improvements.  If you require a full body massage in addition to therapeutic work please book a 90 minute treatment.


Hot Stone Massage 60/90 mins
For the ultimate luxurious, relaxing and effective massage, hot stones help melt away tension, ease sore muscles and warm the body. This treatment is a fusion of flowing Swedish massage and deep tissue therapy using natural hot and cold stones. Choose from a 60 full body, or 90 minute head-to-toe treatment with specific work on tension spots, revitalising cold stone work on the face and warming work on the feet.

Pure relaxation massage 30/60/90 mins
A classic Swedish massage using long, gliding strokes and oil to induce mental and physical relaxation, incorporating deep tissue work as required, whilst gently easing tension and improving circulation.

Pregnancy/post-natal massage 60/90 mins
Effective massage to help mums-to-be /new mums relax, by easing tension in the back, shoulders and legs, and improving circulation. A safe and comfortable supported side-lying position is used throughout, incorporating hot and cold stone work to soothe troublespots. Organic NOM NOM specialist pregnancy oils are used and available to buy from me too.

Indian Head massage 30 mins
A stimulating and tension-busting classic head, face, neck and shoulder massage. Seated & fully-clothed, no oil.

New clients have a free 15-minute confidential consultation and assessment at the first treatment to identify any contraindications and to tailor treatment to the individual. Please let me know when booking if you have any specific areas of concern or health problems.