Having a massage during the Coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak

I am committed to ensuring that you feel safe and comfortable whilst having any massage treatment with me.  As such, I am sharing with you the precautions I am taking to ensure that I can continue to offer you massage treatments during this period.   As a  small, private practice I am able to carefully monitor clients and allow adequate time between clients to properly clean (as outlined below).

At all times I will adhere to the latest advice from NHS UK www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/, respecting any enforcement periods of isolation etc that may be imposed. This information may change to reflect latest governmental advice.   If you are in any doubt as to whether it is appropriate to have a treatment do please give me a call on 07817 202516.

As always I will maintain a high standard of hygiene and request that all clients:

• DO NOT come to appointments if you are ill, and in particular if you are currently experiencing any respiratory/ flu like symptoms –cough, fever, shortness of breath, or if you have been in self-isolation.
• Consider carefully whether you have a treatment if you are in a high risk category e.g. have a suppressed immune system or serious underlying health issues.
• Wash hands on arrival for a minimum of 20 seconds. Professional grade hand gel is also available.
• Use and bin tissues to catch any coughs or sneezes.

To protect your health I will:
• Not run my clinic if I have any of the cold, cough, respiratory or flu-like symptoms as advised by NHS
• Wash my hands as per the guidelines, before and after each treatment and use hand gel during treatments should it be necessary
• Change all linens/covers that have been in contact with the client
• Clean the areas of the massage couch, hot stones etc exposed to clients, using hot soapy water and cleaning gel/spray
• Keep the treatment room clean, in particular high use surfaces such as door handles and common areas.
• Restrict handshaking & hugs – a difficult but necessary measure, sorry!

During this period there will be no cancellation fees charged for cancellation or postponement due to illness. Voucher expiry dates may be extended if treatments cannot be taken within the stated period, due to Covid-19 restrictions.

I am aware that many self-employed people (such as myself!) may be struggling financially.  If you need a treatment during this period I am happy to consider an appropriate skills-trade, so do ask!

Thank you for your continued support at this tricky time, and I hope that you and your family stay healthy.