Covid-19 information

Covid-safe measures (August 2020)

The changes to my practice set out below reflect the latest Government requirements for close-contact services, and the advice from my professional body and insurance company.

They may be different from what you have experienced elsewhere.  Please be aware that standards vary within the massage profession and across other close-contact services.  These are measures that I feel happy with and I would ask that you read them carefully and ask me if you have any questions.

Please ask if you have any questions or concerns about the treatments or your suitability for a massage at the moment.  There is always something we can do, even it is remote self-care support which is proving to be effective for many people.

At all times my intention is to enhance your health and to create as safe an environment as possible for both my clients and myself.  I reserve the right to refuse to treat where I feel this could be detrimental or a risk to our health. 

  • Covid-screening for clients and therapist before every treatment.  No treatment if either has symptoms.
  • Enhanced cleaning regime (all equipment, common areas/touch-points)
  • Enhanced handwashing facilities and alcohol-gel available
  • PPE – therapist wears visor & mask.  Plus mask for client.
  • Full risk assessment
  • Application of NHS test and trace    

What to expect when you book for a Massage treatment

These procedures reflect current Government regulations, and guidelines and advice from my professional body and insurance company, and will be kept under review.  They are designed to protect your health and mine. 

Before your treatment

  • Pre-treatment consultation before every appointment, either online or telephone.  We will not only assess your treatment needs, but also review your general health and any risk factors.
  • Covid-19 questionnaire within 48 hours before treatment.  Completed by you online and returned to me by email, or I complete during pre-treatment consultation.
  • DO NOT ATTEND IF YOU HAVE ANY COVID-19 SYMPTOMS OR SIMILAR.   If you or anyone that you live with or have been in contact with develop(s) Covid-19 symptoms before your appointment you must contact me ASAP to reschedule.  No cancellation charge in this circumstance. 
  • Please make a BACS payment before your treatment where possible.

Attending your appointment

  • Where possible please arrive at the time of your appointment so that you do not have to wait around. 
  • Please attend on your own where possible, and if not, please discuss this with me beforehand.
  • You are required to wear a mask for close-contact services, including the treatment.  I realise that this may not be comfortable for some people when face-down so exceptions can be made for this part of the treatment.  Please bring your own clean mask.  I have single use masks available.
  • You will be required to sanitise your hands on entering the premises.  I will then ask you to thoroughly wash your hands; the bathroom will be cleaned prior to your arrival with clean hand towels for each use.
  • Please avoid unnecessarily touching any surfaces within the premises. 
  • Please avoid bringing unnecessary belongings.  All your belongings other than coats and shoes will be stored in a clean container during your visit.
  • Please bring your own water if possible.

During the treatment

  • I will wear a visor and mask as required by Government regulations.  I will be following enhanced hand and arm sanitisation.
  • Talk will need to be kept to a minimum – this is to reduce possible transmission and of course, we may both feel a bit restricted with the masks etc!
  • Please let me know if at any time you do not feel comfortable.

After the treatment

  • Please dress and collect your belongings promptly as I may have another client after you, and I will have to do a complete clean down of all surfaces.
  • Payment can be made by BACS payment before the treatment.  Card payment can be taken on the day.  If you can only pay by cash, please can I ask for the correct amount in an envelope.
  • I will have arranged a follow-up call or email with you for after-care advice if needed.
  • I will contact you should I be notified that anyone I have been in contact with has developed Covid-19 symptoms.  Please inform me of the same.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for assisting in keeping my practice safe.