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Welcome 2021

I am sure that I am not alone in hoping that 2021 will be a kinder year.  2020 has thrown us a myriad of challenges and has reminded us that we sometimes have little control over what happens to us.  But as hard as it has been, maybe we can reflect on what we have learnt about ourselves.  Maybe it’s resilience in the face of adversity.  Or that we need our family and friends much more that we realised, or conversely, that we are happy with our own company.  Or a new appreciation for the nature on our doorstep. Mine is that prioritising my own mental and physical wellbeing has been critical to my response to the pandemic and my ability to support those around me.   Whatever it is for you, I hope that we can all find a positive to take from this last year. 

Massage in 2021

We are currently in national lockdown and close-contact services are required to stay closed, with some exemptions for suitably trained therapists delivering health care treatments, of which I am one.  However, I have decided to not to do any hands-on work until the Covid rates are significantly reduced. I do not anticipate being able to resume hands-on until mid-February at the earliest, and only then in accordance with Government guidelines. Instead I will be offering self-care advice (online or on the phone) should you have any urgent problems, as well as a new ‘Mind and Body Wellbeing’ programme of monthly online workshops.

I’ll also be using this month to undertake further professional development, starting with a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course.  Meditation and mindfulness is proven to help tackle anxiety, stress and other emotional and physical problems and I’d like to be able to offer a more holistic service to complement my hands-on treatments.

What is online self-care?

  • You will get a video, phone or even doorstep consultation and assessment of your needs, plus supervised self-massage, stretch and relaxation techniques. 
  • One-to-one or groups, including workplace teams
  • Self-treating your aches, pains & injuries
  • Simple breathing & meditation exercises for stress and anxiety
  • Seated partner massage – I can teach someone else in your household
  • Super stretches for desk bunnies or couch potatoes

First 10 minute consultation is FREE.  Additional time is £20 per 30 minutes, or whatever you can afford if you have lost or have a low income.

Please do contact me if you need some support.


Please do get in touch if you’d like to make a booking for when I plan to reopen in February (subject to review), or should you need any advice or support in advance of this. 

See here for a full list of treatments and prices.

Vouchers for 2020 will still be valid until such a time that we can treat you safely.  Just let me know when you make your booking and be sure to bring the voucher with you. 

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and healthy 2021.

Covid Lockdown 2 – update

I hope that you and your family are well. We find ourselves in the middle of another challenging period, and as such, if you need a listening ear or advice about aches, pains or stress please do contact me.

As you may be aware, there are restrictions on close-contact services such as massage therapy during this lockdown period. As such I am offering virtual and phone support, including 1-2-1 consultations and wellbeing workshops, until 3rd December. I am also taking bookings now for massage therapy treatments from 3rd December – I suggest booking asap as my diary is already getting full up!

You may be aware of some massage therapists being able to work. The good news is that we have finally been recognised by Government as delivering ‘healthcare’ services, provided we have a certain level of qualification and are offering therapeutic massage (i.e. treatment of pain, injury or emotional stress) – and indeed I do! If your need is medical or urgent then you can receive clinical massage, in certain settings and if certain criteria are met. Unfortunately as I do not have a separate entrance into my home-based therapy room, I cannot work from home at this time. If you need urgent treatment I can refer you to a suitable therapist.

Please be assured that I will be ready to see you again as soon as we get the go ahead. Of course, Covid-safe measures will remain in place, including careful consultation to ensure that it is safe and appropriate to treat.

Have a voucher due to expire soon? Please book in ASAP, but I have extended all expiry dates to 31st March 2021.

To book your December appointment or to purchase a Christmas gift voucher please contact me.

Massage Treatments Resume!

I am very pleased to announce that you can now book in for massage treatments.  I have very much missed massage and my wonderful clients, so I am delighted to get back to hands-on work at last. 

I know that many of you will have had a challenging few months and of course the threat presented by Covid-19 is still real.  Inevitably I have had to make adjustments to help ensure your safety and mine.  These procedures reflect current Government regulations, and guidelines and advice from my professional body and insurance company,  and will be kept under review.  Click here for further details:

  • Covid-19 Measures (including PPE, enhanced cleaning & online consultations)
  • What to expect when you book a treatment

So if you have stored up some aches and pains, or need to take some time out to de-stress, please do get in touch to book in.  I’m offering daytime, evening and weekend appointments to suit everyone.  If you are not currently able to receive a hands-on massage at the moment, remember that I also offer online and telephone consultations and self-treatment plans.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions about your suitability for a massage at this time.  Thank you for your kind messages of support and patience over the past few months.   I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,


07817 202516

Massage is back!

You may have seen the exciting news that massage therapists are able to return to work.  I intend to fully resume my hands-on practice in early September 2020, and if I can, to offer a limited number of appointments in late August.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be contacting all those on my waiting list to book you in.  Furthermore, I will continue to offer online or telephone support for managing your aches and pains until I can see you.

I am very sorry that I am not able offer face-to-face appointments sooner, as much as I would like to.   I know some of you are desperate for a massage! Firstly, I am still translating into practice what the new regulations and guidance mean for my business.  It will not be ‘business-as-usual’ sadly, as we are a close-contact profession and as far as possible must minimise the risk posed by Covid-19.  Secondly, personal circumstances, including the school summer holidays, vulnerable family members and household commitments, mean that I cannot re-open my home practice straight away.  I thank you for your understanding and patience.

Creating a safe massage space

I am committed to providing you with effective and relaxing massage therapy.  As such, over the last few months I have been investing in training with my massage school on how to create a safe massage space and how to provide support to clients beyond the massage table.

In order to create as safe an environment as possible for both you and me, some changes are necessary which are briefly set out below.  These changes are consistent with the latest Government regulations (i.e. what we MUST do) and guidance issued by the GMCT – The Council for Soft Tissue Therapists, all of which determines our insurance cover.  These are subject to alteration as we progress and learn more about Covid-19. Further details will be available on my website and on booking.


Include: Covid-screening for clients and therapist; shorter treatment times supplemented with online & telephone consultations and support; restrictions on massaging high-risk clients and high-risk areas such as the face; enhanced cleaning regime and use of PPE; full risk assessment; and application of NHS test and trace.

Further support

At all times our safety and well-being must remain my priority and I will endeavour to provide a caring and responsive service during these challenging times.

Please do contact me  if you would like to book in for a hands-on treatment in September, an online or phone appointment to help manage aches, pains or stress over the next few weeks, or if you have any questions.

Your support over the past few months has been invaluable and I very much look forward to seeing you face-to face again soon so I can do the work I love so dearly.  I hope this message finds you and your family well.

Thank you and best wishes,


Wellbeing Workshops for Teams

If you work as part of a team, whether a business, school, charity or public sector, then take a look at our new online wellbeing programme, aimed at supporting people’s physical and mental health during these testing times.   

It’s a great way of supporting your colleagues by giving your staff some time for self-care and an opportunity to come together in a safe and relaxing environment.  It is also an ideal way of thanking them for their hard work during the last few months.  

Priya Khan, a mindfulness coach, and I will carefully guide you through tried-and-tested mindfulness, stretching and self-massage techniques to ease tension and stress.  Each session is private for your group and can be tailored to the needs of your staff and organisation. 


Louise Enticknap @ Therapeutic Massage for You

Priya Khan @ Little Crystal Minds


UPDATE: return to hands-on therapy

Government has this week asked massage therapists to wait a bit longer until we can offer our hands-on treatments safely, effectively (and legally!), as our work is extremely close contact.  Covid-19 still poses a real risk to health, especially to the most vulnerable, and as frustrating as this situation is, our priority must be to enhance our clients’ heath (and protect our own) and certainly not undermine it.

There is currently no date for a return to hands-on work, but I will of course keep you informed.  When I re-open fully, I will be following the Government and professional guidelines to ensure that your treatments are as safe, effective and relaxing as possible.

Pre-book your next treatment

I have a waiting list of people to contact once I know when I can resume hands-on work, please let me know if you would like to be added.

Still here to support you

Most of us will be getting some aches and pains due to a different routine, workspace and stress.  Usually you’d go straight to your massage therapist, right?!  But until I can return to work normally, here are a few ways that I can continue to support you:


  • Self-treating your aches, pains & injuries;
  • Simple breathing & meditation exercises for stress and anxiety
  • Seated partner massage – I can teach someone else in your household
  • Super stretches for desk bunnies or couch potatoes

You will get a video, phone or even doorstep consultation and assessment of your needs, plus supervised self-massage, stretch and relaxation techniques.  First consultation is FREE.  Additional time is a suggested donation £20 per 30 minutes, or whatever you can afford if you have lost or have a low income.

Please do contact me if you need some support or even just for a friendly chat – I am happy to listen.


If you work as part of a team (or have a group of friends or family that might be interested), then take a look at our new online well-being programme, aimed at supporting people’s physical and mental health during these testing times.  In collaboration with my friend and mindfulness coach Priya Khan, we are offering guided mindfulness, stretching and self-massage sessions.  For more info, just contact me:



Finally…Thank You!

Your kind messages of support have kept me going over the past few months.  I am looking forward to seeing you all again in person sooner rather than later I hope!

Best wishes,


07817 202516

NEW 5-week ‘Restore & Relax’ Online Programme: booking now!

If you are looking for a regular session to relax and restore your mind and body then our new 5-week programme of online workshops could be for you.


As restrictions on our daily lives continue, and with all the uncertainty that this pandemic brings, we are still seeing a great need for tools to help relieve anxiety and tension. A regular practice of meditation and self-care can have a cumulative and positive effect to reduce stress levels and maintain health.

Over five weeks we will be using mindfulness, self-massage and stretching techniques to explore the following topics:
Breath – Sleep – Self-Care – Self-Compassion – Daily Awareness

We will share our expertise so you will become familiar and confident with simple meditation and self-care techniques that you can apply beyond the sessions. Participants will be supported by a private Facebook Group with additional free, self-care resources. The programme is suitable for all levels of experience and ability.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Each session lasts 60 minutes and takes place at 8pm every Tuesday. Starting on Tuesday 23rd June at 8pm.

The 5-week course costs £50, or £45 if booked for in advance by Tuesday 16th June.

To book
Please email by Friday 19th June.

Further support
• Team sessions: a new online programme specifically aimed at businesses, organisations, charities and special interest groups. Tailor-made one-off sessions or a package are available.
• 1-to-1 sessions: If you would like to focus on a specific struggle or emotion using mindfulness or if you have a specific ache or pain.
• For further information please contact us.
We hope to see some of you on the next programme, and do feel free to share with any friends or relatives who you think could benefit.
Louise & Priya
Therapeutic Massage for You and Little Crystal Minds
07817 202516


Possible return to Hands-on Work in July…

I am pleased to share some good news at last – current Government guidance indicates that massage therapists may be able to re-open from 4th July 2020.  I know many of you have been storing up aching backs and sore necks, and, inevitably, many of you will have been experiencing increased anxiety and stress during this challenging time, so I plan to resume some hands-on work from July, subject to further Government confirmation.

This has been a very uncertain time for all of us, including massage therapists. I have had moments wondering whether I will be able to continue with this profession that I love so much. But of course massage has been around for millennia, and people need touch to help heal their pains and hearts. So I will continue to do the best I can, albeit with a few changes!
hazmat massage
Will it be safe to have a massage?
Of course we cannot practice social-distancing, but there are many measures that can help prevent infection. No, I won’t be wearing a hazmat suit, but I will need to make sure I properly protect your health and mine whilst Covid-19 is still in the population. For some individuals (for example those deemed ‘extremely vulnerable’) we may have to wait a little longer before hands-on treatments can resume.

I have been carefully monitoring the advice coming from the massage governing body (GCMT) and professional bodies to decide how I can re-open my practice safely and effectively. As a sole-practitioner I have the advantage of being able to carefully control my schedule, clients and environment.

Preventative measures
Here are some of the immediate measures that I will be taking to protect our health; a complete list of measures will be on my website nearer the time, to be kept under review and in accordance with professional guidelines.  I hope some will be only temporary.

1) PPE (mask, gloves etc) for me.
2) Enhanced deep cleaning of couch, room, equipment and all common areas.
3) Enhanced hand-washing practice for all clients & alcohol-gel available.
4) Fewer clients per day to allow deep clean and reduce contact opportunities.
5) Until September, treatments will be restricted to a maximum of 60 minutes and in my treatment room only.
6) Online consultations & self-care sessions where possible.
7) Pre-treatment health questionnaire for all appointments. If I or any or any members of my household are ill, I will reschedule my appointments.
8) No cancellation fee for 2020, and payments by card or bank transfer.

Priority treatments
I am aware that many of you will have been self-isolating for the last couple of months. Subject to completing a pre-treatment health questionnaire, I will be prioritising seeing these clients when I re-open.  This is to minimise my exposure, and therefore yours, to others who may have had more potential exposure to Covid-19.

I will also prioritise clients whose bookings I had to cancel in March and April.

Gift vouchers: I have extended the validity date until the end of 2020, and if necessary beyond, to give everyone time to have their treatments safely.  I may not be able to fit everyone in straight away so please be patient.

Further support
If you have any aches or pains in the meantime, do please contact me. I am offering 1 to 1 online or phone consultations and self-care advice, and propose to continue this indefinitely to supplement my hands-on work. I also offer ‘Restore & Relax’ sessions for groups and organisations, please contact me if you are interested.

I am mindful that some of you may have been touched directly by Covid-19. I am always happy to be a listening ear should you need one, indeed I consider that a core part of my work. I can recommend talking therapists should you require professional help.

Next steps
I anticipate that I will have my clinic fully up and running again for everyone from September, again, subject to Government guidance, when I will hopefully be able to offer a wider range of treatment options. As most of you know I have two school-age children who need support with home-schooling so I cannot fully re-open any earlier, as much as I would love to.

I will contact some of you in the next few weeks to reschedule appointments, but of course feel free to call or message me if you have any questions or would like to book in.

I am sending this message with a heart full of hope and compassion, and hands that are ready to help heal.

Best wishes,

07817 202516

NHS staff
Watch this space…I am also part of an exciting nationwide initiative to offer free treatments (either hands-on or online) to NHS workers later this year! So if you or anyone you know is eligible please contact me.


NEW: Four-week online programme to restore and relax

Following the success of our ‘Easing anxiety, stress and tension’ taster online workshops,  I am pleased to launch on new 4-week programme to restore and relax, in collaboration with Priya Khan of Little Crystal Minds.  We believe that it is vital for all of us to take care of ourselves, even more now than ever.  A regular practice of mediation and /or self-care can have a cumulative and positive effect to reduce stress levels and maintain health.

If you are looking for a regular  session to relax and restore your mind and body then we would love for you to join our 4-week programme of online workshops starting on Tuesday 12th May at 8pm and Wednesday 13th May at 2pm.

We will share more of our expertise so you will become familiar and confident with simple meditation and self-care techniques that you can apply beyond the sessions.   Participants will be supported by a private Facebook Group with additional free, self-care resources.  The programme is suitable for all levels of experience and ability.  Each session is 60 minutes and weekly.

We will cover of the following topics:
Breath  – Sleep  – Movement –  Gratitude
using mindfulness, self-massage &
stretching techniques.

We suggest a £10 donation per session or £35 for the course if booked and paid for in advance. We know that many are struggling financially; if you currently have a reduced income due to Covid-19 outbreak we invite you to please join us for free or for whatever you can afford. The workshops are free for all NHS staff.

To book
Please email by Friday 8th May, stating whether you would prefer Tuesday at 8pm or Wednesday at 2pm. There is flexibility to switch between the two should you need to.

Feel free to invite anyone that you know who might benefit from these sessions, and get an additional 10% off the 4-week programme if they sign up too.

1-to-1 sessions
We are also offering bespoke, private 1-to-1 sessions, especially if you would like to focus on a specific struggle or emotion using mindfulness or if you have a specific ache or pain. Please contact us for further details.

Louise & Priya
Therapeutic Massage for You & Little Crystal Minds
07817 202516


peace quote

Easing anxiety, stress & tension online workshops…FREE taster

I am delighted to have teamed up with Priya Khan, my friend and mindfulness expert from Little Crystal Minds, to create this workshop programme. We are both passionate about wellbeing and the need for a healthy mind and body. We believe that now more than ever we need to share simple, but tried-and-tested techniques for dealing with stress.

Relax, Don't Stress Out.

During these strange and difficult times many of us are feeling increased levels of anxiety, stress and tension. These are normal feelings when we are faced with a threat to our safety or uncertainty about our future. If this resonates with you then our online workshop will be just for you.

This 45-minute session will guide you through a meditation to relieve anxiety and stress, and simple self-care techniques to ease physical tension throughout the body. We hope it will leave you feeling restored, relaxed and refreshed. Giving you that important time for self-care.

Find out if this is for you…register now for a FREE taster session :
● Tuesday 28th April @ 8pm
● Wednesday 29th April @ 2pm

The session will also introduce you to our new four-week online programme starting in May, which will explore mindfulness and self-care techniques in more depth. To register for the FREE taster and for more information please email me at  by Monday 27th April.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Louise & Priya

Priya Khan, Little Crystal Minds
Louise Enticknap, Therapeutic Massage for You

“A beautiful calming meditation and amazing thorough self-massage with Priya and Louise” Fiona, London

“I was initially sceptical about whether online meditation was for me. I joined the session feeling stressed but by the end felt noticeably calmer and my headache was gone. The guided meditation was really helpful and the massage techniques simple and easy to follow. I loved it.” Rona, London