Louise Enticknap, Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist, MCThA, ITEC Dip, Jing Online Self-Care Therapist

SUMMER 2022  


Most of us experience bad backs, sore shoulders, knee pain, a repetitive strain injury or a logo_green-e1452095273455sports-related injury at some point in our lives. The chronic pain of arthritis, IBS or fibromyalgia affects a growing number of people. Becoming a new mum, stressful jobs, caring for loved ones and chronic illness can all take their toll on us too. Massage can help to address both the physical and emotional components to our ‘pain’, however it is expressed.

I am a fully-qualified massage therapist based in West Wickham (BR4), specialising in the treatment of chronic painful conditions using Advanced Clinical Massage.

I also offer other specialist massage treatments to cater for your different needs at different times: Hot Stone Massage, Relaxation massage, Pregnancy and Post-Natal massage, Myofascial Release and Indian Head Massage.

No single treatment ‘fits all’ – I use a range of techniques, comprehensive consultation and assessment and a sensitive, intuitive approach so that every massage is tailored to your particular physical and emotional needs at the time. I am dedicated to supporting each client on their own journey towards being pain-free and healthy, offering post-treatment advice and referrals where you might need other specialist help.